Privacy Policy 

Hello friends, I am going to tell you about the privacy policy of my website monkeyweb.So if a user comes to our website, then he has to follow our policy, I tell this in advance. Otherwise I can block you for this.

So I hope that all of you will complete this privacy policy and follow it.

Google Advertisement

If you like an add on this website, then you can click on it one to two times, but do not click on it continuously, it is against our privacy policy so that I can also block you.
This website want to show Google advertisement.

Age Policy

This is a blogger website, where you get all kinds of technical information, no adult content is put here. So if you are above 13 years, then you can easily do this on this website. But if you are younger than this, then this

website is not for you.

Terms & Conditions

I want to request all of you users not to write any kind of spam.

You should not write any third party link in the Comment box.

If you want to contact us, you can fill the contact form.

Affiliate Disclosure 

This site may use affiliate marketing an does earn a Commission from using  certain links which is given by affiliate . 


A cookies is like a small set  of information/data that an any website stores on visitors computers.And the visitors browsers this to the website.Cookies are special design to store browsers activity.

All Right Reserved

So I hope that you guys will find this website useful to me. Whatever your problem or your good thoughts can tell in the comment.